Callsign - Marine Rescue Bundaberg VHF CH81 - Operating Hours 6.00am - 6.00pm Every Day After - Hours Phone 07 4159 4349

About our squadron.

About our Squadron;

Marine Rescue Bundaberg (VMR 488) is the current iteration of continuous marine rescue presence in the area, since the formation of the Bundaberg Air Sea Rescue squad in 1972. Our base is located at Burnett Heads, adjacent the mouth of the Burnett River and two nautical miles downstream of Port Bundaberg. Adjoining Marine Rescue Squadrons are Round Hill (VMR477) to the North and Hervey Bay (VMR466) to the South. Our area of responsibility is from Baffle Creek in the North, to the Burrum River in the South, nearly 55 nautical miles of coastline. The Northern boundary extends 50 nautical miles seaward to Lady Musgrave Is and Southward to Indian Head on the Eastern side of Fraser Is, a total of 4,000 square nautical miles, all of which are designated Open Waters.

What we do;

We provide an on call, maritime search and rescue response within our assigned area of responsibility and  operate a limited coastal radio station as part of a 24/7 marine radio safety network. Safety at sea is a  major focus for our volunteers and we promote it by:

• providing on water support to vessels requiring assistance

• offering a free Log On/Log Off service for local recreational and commercial boaters and vessels in transit

• safety awareness campaigns at major community events such as Oceanfest, the Lighthouse Festival and  our annual fundraiser the  Family Fishing Classic.

Operational Information;

Our radio station is attended by qualified radio operators monitoring marine radio traffic from 0600 to 1800 hours daily, 365 days a year. Our radio room is equipped with 11 radios monitoring distress and EPIRB frequencies. Frequencies continuously monitored include VHF marine channels 16, 67, 22, 80 & 81; MF/HF channels 2524 and 4125, 121.5MHz EPIRB and UHF emergency bands. VHF repeater stations are maintained at Mount Watalgan (CH 81), Sandy Cape (Ch 22) and the Hummock (Ch 80). We also provide an emergency VHF radio on Lady Musgrave Island. Current weather updates issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for the Capricornia Coast, Fraser Is Coast and Hervey Bay marine forecast areas and marine safety information is broadcast on Ch 67, at 0815 and 1615 hrs daily. Wind and navigational warnings are issued on receipt. 

Our rescue vessel duty skippers and rescue vessel crews are available 24/7 to  respond to on water  emergencies within a minimum amount of time. These  activities include Water Police initiated Search  and Rescue activity, assisting boats  with operational problems and responding to EPIRB activations and  flare sightings.  Our volunteer crews are highly trained to commercial standards and hold the  relevant  and Australian Maritime Safety Authority Certificates of Competency.

Rescue Vessels; 

Our Offshore Rescue Vessel Commissioned in March 2016, our primary Rescue Vessel ‘Bundy Rescue 2’ is a 11.8 metre alloy Catamaran powered by 2 x 325 hp Suzuki four stroke outboard motors. It is fitted with the latest navigation equipment including radar and FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) technology and the vessel also carries an array of emergency rescue equipment and life saving devices.

It has an operating range in excess of 100 Nm and a cruising speed of 22 kts. ‘Bundy Rescue 2’ can carry up to 10 crew and passengers and is used for offshore rescues and those involving larger vessels.

Our Inshore Rescue Vessel We also operate ‘Bundaberg Rum’, a trailer mounted, 5 metre Sea  Jay centre console, powered by a 90hp Suzuki four stroke outboards. ‘Bundaberg Rum’ was  purchased in June 2005 and  is used for inshore and riverine rescues of smaller vessels.

Its maximum crew is three.